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Share with everyone this Most Melodious recitation of the Month of Bhadon from BarahMah.

First Resolve, Vow (Nem) of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj - "Kisey Pason Koi Cheez Nahi Mangni". In the light of the Shabad - Darvesi Ko Jansi Virla Ko Darves. .


Share this Message of Sri Guru Nanak Patshah on Kamini and Kanchan.

This eCard - a Tribute to Babaji who "was totally averse to Lust and Lucre (Kamini and Kanchan), Fame and Name, Self-glorification, Publicity and Party and Power-Politics. He steered clear of all worldliness. Worldly attractions had no access to Him.


Share this eCard which highlights how Baba Nand Singh Ji embraced 13 (Thou, Thy), and explained in the Light of Gurbani.

Humble Poetic Tribute to Baba Nand Singh Ji who renounced Maya in all forms, Kamini and Kanchan (woman and gold) with a view to enshrine, and enthrone only Sri Guru Nanak Sahib in the temple of His pure heart.


ECard featuring the Holy Incident of Baba Nand Singh Ji .

Share this holy Saakhi which makes clear the
First Nem (Resolve) of Baba Nand Singh Ji.

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